The Midi!

Hat: Target | Dress: Joe Fresh | Shoes: Dolce Vita via Target | Sunnies: Joe Fresh | Lipstick: Boots No. 7: Strawberry Delish (love this colour!)

Every girl I know has her go-to summer dress. This is definitely one of mine. It fits all the criteria: well fitting, short sleeves (to hide the fact that I am probably sweating), flattering on the toosh and the legs (to show how hard I work out and Zumba!), and probably the kicker… has enough give to hide major food babies! (if you knew me well, you’d know I get those all the time).

I’d love to show you how my weekend was, but it was a pretty chill one. I don’t even think we left the house (well barely). The Olympics were/are on in my house 24/7. So that was watched. Food was made, and then back to the sofa to watch exciting/record breaking stuff! Canadians are doing so well…and we could not be more proud!

We went swimming, ate, napped, watched and ate and lounged some more. Just what the doctor ordered. Because venturing out of the house seemed like a serious task! Gah it was 41 degrees.

Hope you had a lovely weekend/long weekend here for us Canadians!

5 comments on “The Midi!

  1. Clàudia says:

    love your shoes!

  2. Jeni Johnson says:

    Not everyone can pull off horizontal stripes! You do! Nice tooshy! 🙂

  3. Gina Slater says:

    Love you’re outfit,the style suits you great stylish yet it looks comfy!

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