Trusting myself as a graphic designer…

*All images found on Pinterest*

Design is pretty interchangeable, I think. I feel like Interiors, blends into Fashion, which blends into decoration, then architecture, then eventually art and graphics. M and I are huge fans of beautiful fonts and stationary. You may even call us enthusiasts. Now although we don’t necessarily design our own business things ( too close to home…always missing something), we do like to dabble.

Well my sister is in need of a new business card, logo design, Etsy banner etc. So she has decided to pay me to do it all!

Apparently she loves triangles…who knew. So here are some inspiring things that I found with a variety of triangles.

So let’s wait and see what it is I come up with ; ).

Brace yourself…this could get dangerous!

7 comments on “Trusting myself as a graphic designer…

  1. Amanda H. says:

    Love the yellow and the dusty pink!

  2. Amanda H. says:

    (yeah… I saw on my FB newsfeed that you’d posted something and immediately came here…)

  3. Margaretmre says:

    I wanna say at first about your profile picture because your smile is expressing everything about your beautiful thoughts regarding art and design. I would love to call you both enthusiasts. The last image is really inspirational for me. I visited one site regarding art and I think you guys took great place for art and design. Keep it up!

  4. Erin says:

    May I ask if the wall in the nursery painted or wallpaper paper? Thanks

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