A summer’s eve walk/run/play in the park

Last night was a wonderfully warmish summer’s evening. We decided to take Bunny to the park to play some ball.

He loves ball. And he loves the bf.

They are like two peas in a pod. Like a hotdog in a bun. Like a knight and his reliable steed. Ok ok you catch my drift. It is so funny to watch these two play like they have not seen each other for years!

Since just getting back from vacay, Bunny greets me at the door with some funny snorts, a crooked smile, and brings me his girlfriend (a poor licked to death/humped dalmatian stuffed toy). Bf comes to see me that night shortly after, and Bunny howls the loudest “Wooaaaahhhhh..woah!”, rejoicing at his presence!

Psh as if. Dawg.

I feed you. Bathe you. I clean up your puke. Wash your toys. Smooch you endlessly. And give you the best belly rubs ever.


Happy Thursday!

4 comments on “A summer’s eve walk/run/play in the park

  1. zigzagmags says:

    hi bunny!! so cute 🙂

  2. samiisabelle says:

    So cute!!! And great photos too! 😀

  3. Your little dog is the cutest thing ever!!

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