Into the wilderness we go…

Top: 212 (a neat boutique from BC, bought it when we went to Whistler) | Jeans: Gap (awesome pair) similar | shoes: “those Zara ones that are so hot this season!”| Bag: LV | Bracelets: Pom Pom pave – Anthropologie, Dangling one – Urban Outfitters | Watch: Michael Kors, Necklaces: Etsy & My own jeweller | Nailpolish: OPI Red Lights Ahead (fingers), Cajun Shrimp (all time fave, on toes).

Oh My Goodness, No. I will not be wearing this to a camping trip (hehehe). This was what I wore for a family dinner with the bf.

This lucky duck is headed to Park City. To the family cabin where there are moose (taller than our water tank + SUV), caribou (at Christmas the little monkey sister named them: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer Vixen…etc.), and deer (who sadly are not quite as smart and always try to cross the highways).

And great wilderness.

Yup you guessed it. Me and the sister are headed out there for some good ol’ family time.

Park City for those of you that don’t know is super duper awesome. Salt Lake City is cool too (since we trek our butts down there for Target). But Park City takes the cake. It has spectacular views, tons of crazy outdoorsy things to do (clearly not in my Zara heels), and definitely neat shops to see. We love the smell of the fresh air and the short drive onto Main Street (where the Sundance Film Festival is held).

There, just close to Park City, is our little family cabin. Where we spend our days with no internet, or TV, or even telephones. We catch frogs (and then release them), take the puppies for long walks, eat ridiculously great food (other Mama is quite the chefy). And just enjoy life with the fams.

Have a wonderful time with M! Follow me on Instagram if you’d like, I will try to update it as much as I can.

(as we make our father drive us to the local Starbucks to steal their Internets… to chat with our bfs/facebook/Instagram).

P.S. We will be in the U-S-of-A for July 4th (oh goodness) wish us luck…we are true Canadians but have never been in the US for that day…so are pretty excited to see what they have in store for us!

4 comments on “Into the wilderness we go…

  1. maddiesplace says:

    Park city is one of my favorite places on earth!! Lucky gal 🙂

  2. Amanda says:

    I love this outfit. The top is super cute! I’d love one like it.


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