The Wedding Dinner…

This past weekend, we threw a party for M. A wedding party, the wedding table she never had. A table for 6, 3 great girlfriends and their significant others.  We spent it at one of our fave restaurants, Mildred’s Temple Kitchen.

It was absolutely wonderful. Just because I know M’s style pretty well (and I creeped her Pinterest). I ended up doing the decor and the flowers, which was rustic inspired, filled with peonies, mason jars and birch trees.

We had an amazing time with great people, great food, and great booze.

Wishing you the best “Ever After” M. We love you both dearly, and hope that the night was everything you wanted and more!

Love: your two ladies, and their boys!

4 comments on “The Wedding Dinner…

  1. Citizen says:

    This is incredible. So stunning. Well done girls! Adore it.

  2. nuresma says:

    These pictures are just amazing! There’s so much happiness on your faces!!

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