Wahoooo peeps! We have our very first everEVERever GIVEAWAY!!!

Oh heyyy guys and gals. We are serious lovers of art/prints/photography/drawings/sketches/paintings. With that said, N found this fantastic artist while looking for art for her room… Alejandra on Etsy. 

Long story short, she found a print. Ordered. Received. Loved. Approached. Screamed/Jumped/Hollered.

The super duper awesome fabulous amazing CANADIAN artist from Aldari Art: Alejandra, gave us an amazing first!

(First of many as we are racking up some pretty sweet ones as we find more people who love us so dearly…so we can giveaway to…everyone..you crazy awesome peeps you!)

The goods:

3- 8 x 10 prints from Aldari Art.

The guidelines aka You MUST:

1) “Like” her on Facebook…https://www.facebook.com/AldariArt

2) “Like” US on Facebook… here.

3) Be one of our lovely followers.

4) If you have a Twitter account you must follow Alejandra: https://twitter.com/AldariArt

5) (I know I know.. final one) Write in the comment box, with your full name and email, and tell us about what it is you want and what room(s) they would fit perfectly in!

Contest closes on Sunday June 17 at 6:00PM EST. The winner will be announced on Monday June 18th!

Good Luck, and thanks for following!

5 comments on “Oh my goodness…GIVEAWAY – ALDARI ART PRINTS!

  1. Carrie says:

    Oh my gosh, i would love any of the botanical prints for the nursery i’m putting together for my twin girls. I absolutely adore anything having to do with nature, specifically insects. I’m always looking for books and toys about insects and nature.
    Thank you!
    Carrie Cocklin

  2. What room would ANY of these prints NOT go in?!?! They are fabulous! I have a few walls in my dining room and the future nursery screaming for any of these works of art. Truly incredible!

  3. Tessa Deyo (tessadeyo@gmail.com) I love the chevron with the bicycle, the anchor, and the orange branches with the bird. These would go great in my office corner above my desk.

  4. So exiting 🙂 I followed her on twitter but I don’t use facebook…
    My name is Helene and my e-mails is healthyfrenchie@gmail.com
    I would love anything nature related (like the birds showed above). It would look great in my living room

  5. Monica F says:

    The Dahlia print is one of my faves. Would be hard to choose because they are all so great@

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