New York State of Mind

*all images found via Pinterest*

This lucky duck of a lady is headed to NYC for a long weekend away with the bf. It was a treat because 3/4.5 years we have been together he has been studying for CFA. This is an “I thank you for being such an amazing supportive wonderful gf to me” kind of gift!

So I will leave you with M for this duration as I will be perusing through 5th Avenue spending everything I have window shopping (seriously.broke), walking around in my Christian Louboutins for kilometers (totally don’t own a pair), spending too much money on food (this I can do), getting photographed by the Sartorialist and not knowing who he is (I totally wish-not the not knowing part!), looking just fabulous as I sweat my way through Central Park (hopefully the weather stays cool), and being a totally rad New Yorker (haha totally Canadian Eh!).

I will be trying to update Instagram as we go along…but no guarantees (wifi is not always free). Luckily I got us a sweeeet hook up at the W Hotel, from a previous client. So definitely doin-it-up-in-style in that department!

Have a wonderful Thursday/Friday and weekend! See you on the flip side!

6 comments on “New York State of Mind

  1. WithLoveShmon says:

    first picture made me go look for the perfect pair of cateye sunglasses – any suggestions? under $200 please haha 🙂

    I’m going to NYC in Aug! Can’t wait!

    • There’s a blog I follow: The Pink Peonies, she has a great House of Harlow pair! My face is too small to handle big cat eyes…I’ll take a look around, maybe just find some on Pinterest?

      • WithLoveShmon says:

        I love HOH – I want these chelsea ones or carey… forgot the exact name but they don’t make them anymore i was bummed.. thanks for the suggestion nonetheless!

      • Have not had a chance to look around.. sorry for that. I will try to see if I find something for a fashion post this week : )

  2. Pollyanna says:

    N–get in touch…I’m in NY and close to the W downtown. Let me know if you want to meet up.
    Anisha (I’ll send you my phone nos/other contact information via email).

    • Thanks so much Anisha. It was sort of a trip just for me and the bf…so no visitors kind of thing. We were supposed to meet up with some of his work peeps…we scratched that. It was just some me and him time. Thanks so much for that, M and I are so appreciative of all the love we get from our dear followers, maybe next time!

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