We totally heart Instagram!


Abbey our little jungle kitty

Stuffing our faces with Pork Buns, Watermelon, Apple Fritters, Strawberry Pie & Donuts!



After dinner snuggling with my stinky bunny.


Not sure if you all noticed but we added an extra icon on our icon bar on the top right –>…

It has an ” I “, for Instagram! Right now it is just me, N. So if you’re an Instagram-er….as I have recently become…trying to avoid the whole Twitter following (This is so much better, all you don’t want to know what I do at all hours of the day)

…but I will let you know two things…

1. Filters on Instagram are a must I think, they make them lookthat much cooler.

2. Since sometimes I don’t want to bombard people with ten thousand pics a day/a post. I purchased one of the recommended Apps called: PicFrame. Totally worth the $1 just because of all the display options!

Well…this is what my weekend looked like…filled with tons of eating apparently…what’s new!

Friday night was dinner with bf at Queen Margherita Pizza (no pics, or you all would think I am a total piggy…totally am).

Saturday was the Mennonite Fair (we used to go all the time as kids!). They have delicious food, desserts, home made ice cream, apple fritters etc. And all proceeds go to the Mennonite Relief Fund.

Today, we visited one of my favourite artists, and previous client: Sue Ennis. And then went to some lovely restaurant: This End Up. Where we knew someone who worked there! It was delish- definitely a must visit!

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

3 comments on “We totally heart Instagram!

  1. Beibei Wu says:

    Great photos! Absolutely love Instagram too!


  2. abichica says:

    i love the picture of your cat!! 🙂

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