I have the one of the BEST clients in the world!!!

This was a party for me thrown by my amazing client J. You remember her. She is the Vintage Modern client here and here. Well the magazine that I am in this month for Toronto Home: Kitchen Edition, just launched featuring her kitchen! We will have full details once we get that baby up on our website. In honour of that awesome opportunity, she threw me a little party. A little party for me and a little party for her to show off her brand spanking new house!

It is a gorgeous house, and we only made it look better with her fantastic taste! She is definitely one of those “connector” people that Malcolm Gladwell speaks about in the Tipping Point here. She has since, introduced me to at least 15 people who I have worked with 3 of so far, and just met 5 more potential clients at this wonderful party- how lucky am I!

She is a wonderful person, funny as hell, has a great design eye, is a wonderful mom and is just so kind and giving. We could just sit and chat for hours. And mind you, there is definitely at least a 20 year age gap! I just adore her, and am so grateful for everything she has done for me! I told her yesterday that it feels like we have known each other for years- we get along so well!

For the party, I thought that I’d do a little DIY that I saw on Pinterest, and sister did the place cards! Pinwheel decor was my little crafty experiment! Super easy, totally cute, and super cheap! I found it here. It turned out great, and the guests loved it!

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who came out yesterday, to support me, and to get to know me. And a huge thank you to J. You are totally awesome, and you have helped me so much with everything, I cannot thank you enough!

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