Can’t we just dream a little?

All found at: The Happiest Girls are the Prettiest.

I have been noticing lately that my pins on Pinterest have been very much focused on a few things. I always search under the categories: Design, Home Decor, Women’s Apparel and Weddings & Other Events.

No I, N am not engaged. No I am not crazy (although the bf likes to think so), I am a designer. Sue me…yes I do just have pretty things on my mind. What little lady doesn’t like the idea of having a beautiful day being surrounded by beautiful things? Regardless of the fact that I love weddings. I think that M and I as designers, have always loved weddings. The decor, the invitations, the venues, the food, the dresses, the shoes and definitely definitely the photography.

I posted before about the love of my life photographer: Jose Villa. He is amazing. I adore his work, every single picture he takes. Uno problemo or maybe a few… a) not engaged…obviously. b) he is from California c) he is probably seriously expensive – since he is so amazing d) Yup… still not engaged.

Well after doing just a bit of snooping found out that a couple got an estimate for him to come to Toronto to photograph them. Price tag: $12 000. Yup..not $1200…twelve thousand. That doesn’t include accommodations/flights.

Ya. brutal. Balls. Bologna. Dang IT!

Scratch that off my list. Sniff sniff.

So…I found another person who I would love to work with! Debra Eby!  She too is amazing, and shot a gorgeous wedding featured on Style Me Pretty.

Bonus: She starts at $2100, and lives in Ontario, Canada!!!

So for that day…when it eventually happens. She will be mine. And that my lovelies is totally and utterly Awesome!

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