Planting season has begun!

My hired help ; ).

Lugging plants… thank goodness for my little trolley…best investment ever!

Gardening is an awesome way to be outdoors. I love doing it, but I don’t really like sweating it out. But hey…some of my clients are willing to pay me to help them beautify their spaces, and really…design and planter/garden design go hand in hand. I am good with colour arrangements, and I love floral arranging!

So this is what I spent my sunny afternoon doing. Hiring my sister to come help me (definitely not a one person job) I would have faded much too quickly…it felt like it was 30 degrees up there. Those swirly whirl like plants were one our faves…hahaha they were awesome! So those are our little babies, and once they start flourishing…they will be awesome!

  Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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