Dress me up in gold… and send me on my way!

*all images are from Pinterest*

I pin. I pin almost every single day. I love seeing what things other people have pinned, and I actually have found some of the best blogs from pins. I have a style board there, and have been noticing some serious trend. I love gold. I love silver.

I love love love jewellery.

Here were some pins of mine…pretty pictures for me are like a serious drug addiction. Oh Pinterest…where was I before I knew about you.

5 comments on “Dress me up in gold… and send me on my way!

  1. crazystylelove says:

    I totally understand! I’m completely addicted to Pinterest and wonder what I did with my free time before I discovered it!

  2. I have always, always loved silver jewellery and yet the last few months everything I’ve bought has been gold. I’m even spraypainting furniture gold! In fact, today I’m wearing gold chain earrings. I think I can safely say I’ve truly caught the gold bug which would explain why I love all these outfits so much! xx

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