Something borrowed…

Me: jacket: Joe Fresh (kids) | Dress: Marshalls | shoes: Joe Fresh | Jewellery: J Crew & Ann Taylor | Clutch: ASOS ||Her: Top: Francesca’s Collection | Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch | Shoes: Zara | Clutch: Dior (vintage) | Jewellery: hand made by her! | Watch: Michael Kors

My sister and I are exactly 2 years and 1 month apart (no we are not twins… we get that a lot). We are both fall babies, we almost have the exact same hands, we love bright nail polish, we live in flip flops (because we prefer bare feet), are 1/2 a shoe size apart (she hates this fact), we love jewellery, and we are both totally into fashion.

We share almost everything (I more willingly share than she does). We are super lucky to be the same size in a ton of things. So we usually swap items.

We were out for dinner this weekend with the family for Japanese Teppanyaki dinner for our Aunt’s 50th…so dressing up a bit was a must! This colour is one of our faves to use as nail polish, so we have just started acquiring it in clothing!

Happy Monday everyone!

4 comments on “Something borrowed…

  1. WithLoveShmon says:

    omg the orange print blouse is gorgeous!

  2. Katelyn says:

    This is too cute! I love the outfits (both of them) and the two of you are beautiful. Such a fun post for a Monday. Thanks for sharing!

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