Tea parties and grandparents…

Top: Zara | Jeans: Zara {similar style here} | Shoes: Winners | Necklace: J Crew | Watch: Francesca’s Collection (my $14 one!) {similar style here}| Bracelet: Michael Kors)

A neighbours mother, Barbara, had her 81st birthday this past weekend (she is a well seasoned grandmother..with two healthy -pretty tall grand boys)! And it was a tea party event (they are English) so there were cucumber sandwiches, tea, cookies, cake, and plenty of booze! I figured that I should dress rather conservatively, being English, and being around older folk. We did have a lovely time, and I cannot remember the last tea party I had/had gone to myself.

The last time I could remember a tea party, was when my grandparents were babysitting my sister and I. And my Grandmother let us cook up some random “tea” concoction on the stove. Hahaha it was so nasty. It definitely had old tea leaves, water, juice and was definitely brown in colour.

Hahaha oh what grandparents let their grand children do. We were totally spoiled, as any good grand children should be. But truly spoiled. Hagen Daaz coffee ice cream for dessert…freshly washed and cut fruit…definitely allowed to watch as much TV as we wanted…and stay up as late as we wanted to!

We adore our grandparents…especially our grandmother. She is lovely, and still to this day cuts/peels our fruit for us.

Have a wonderful day lovelies!

2 comments on “Tea parties and grandparents…

  1. Eclectic A says:

    I picked up a similar watch at one of those mall carts in Vegas and I wear it all the time. Fab find.

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