THAT dress…and THAT hat!

Hat: H & M {similar style here}| Dress: Club Monaco (old) | Shoes: Stewart Weitzman (total score) {similar style here} | Lipstick: Boots No. 7 Lipstick: Wild Volume #15 Forever Cherry (awesome colour!) | Nailpolish: OPI Holland Collection: Red Lights Ahead…Where? (fingers) Kiss Me On My Tulips (toes)

This past Friday it was nice and warm, hot actually. Hot and steamy. I had a client meeting in the city and then date night at one of our fave Thai restaurants in the city!

This is one of my favourite dresses of all time (and yes it is not actually mine…it is the sister’s). We were out and about during the day and on two occasions that day two different people asked me where it was from. And yes there is a hole in the side…which I have yet to mend.

Situation #1, (as I am banking at the bank machine) totally turned facing the machine, a lady walks out of the bank, to the bank machine area (and practically exclaims) “Oh my goodness! That is a gorgeous dress! And my goodness it fits you like a glove!”. I humbly said thank you, (as I am trying to punch in info on the bank machine), and then chatted with her as we both walked out the door. The second situation was at a store at Sherway Gardens…a lovely sales associate asked me nicely where I got it from.

The story is that sister and I LOVE Club Monaco. And “back in the day” they used to have wonderfully tailored dresses. Pricey ($100-250+), but worth every penny! They were striking, tailored and bonus…student discounts got us 20% off! You know my obsession with Zara and its wonderfulness of being tailored right off the rack… same deal.

Oh and that hat. Well sister thinks that it is hilarious, that I would never really wear it. And because I saw “The Daybook” lady we follow, she had one in camel…does not mean that I needed to get one too. But my logic is I would love to wear it to a wedding or something! So I had to just bust it out! I love that hat. It is worth every little penny from H & M…so HA…she still thinks I am crazy!

Happy Monday!

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