DIY Series: Colour blocking!


Seriously awesome dresser…I could totally see this in a kids room!

You will need:

• wood filler (if required)

• 1800 x 44 x 44mm pine

• paint stripper, if needed

• primer; we used Plascon Universal Undercoat

• paint; we used Dulux Luxurious Silk

• masking tape

• 40mm chipboard screws


• scraper/spatula

• planer

• cordless screwdriver

• sander and sandpaper

• paintbrush or foam roller

• pencil

• screwdriver

After 10 steps you are voila…done! We found this awesome DIY Tutorial from Home Mag.


One comment on “DIY Series: Colour blocking!

  1. AliceCorrine says:

    Reblogged this on alicecorrine and commented:
    Very cool color block dresser

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