Spring cleaning as a designer leads to…Spring MAKEOVER!

Yes this was my room. Yes I am a designer and that was my room…

Mind you I designed/decorated it when I was going into first year University…so don’t hold it against me ok?

I could re-decorate my room every week let alone every year. So with the idea of getting a new mattress the redecorating began! I ended up using my sisters double from her University life, and her double IKEA Malm Bedframe set.

I also had a $200 gift certificate from The Feather Factory here in Toronto (for spending so much money with them last year for my clients). And treated myself to new bamboo bedding for this double bed… and a new Dwell Studio duvet cover set (as we have an excess of Queen and King sheets) . Yayyy… I LOVE Dwell Studio, and would own everything if I could. And The Feather Factory sells them all…good for them… bad for me

Here is some info about the progress…and I will show you all the concept

(once I do it for myself…I never do concepts for myself).

9 comments on “Spring cleaning as a designer leads to…Spring MAKEOVER!

  1. You know what they say about hairdressers that don´t have time to do their own hair? That they are so skilled that they have costumers all the time. I think this saying fits interior designers as well.

  2. I, too, love DwellStudio’s bedding…can’t wait to pull out the set I’m saving for our house. If you had nothing else in that room but the bed and its new bedding, it would still look dreamy.

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