Someone chopped her hair off…

Chambray shirt: J Crew (on sale) | Belt: J Crew | Pants: VS Pink | Shoes: Target | Nailpolish: OPI Dim Sum Plum | Jewellery: Etsy, Ann Taylor | Watch: Francesca’s Collection ($14!!!) | Sunnies: Anthropologie | Lipstick: NARS Heatwave

Ahhhhh…yes I cut my hair… this weekend! Haha no that is not how I sounded at the hairdresser.

I know people who would cry at the sight of seeing a huge shag rug of hair below them. I totally cut it on purpose, and my hairdresser laughs at the idea that I love those scissors with the gaps in them. Those amazing little metal things that make me feel as light as a feather…ok fine not me…but my head… definitely.

There is one thing you need to know about my hair. I have a lot. Too much. It is quite fine, but when at full length/body it feels like a horse’s tail.

The funny thing is some people think I am nuts for the price I pay for my hair. Nuts. I swear by her. She is amazing, she is an artist, and I have been seeing her since Grade 10. Let me tell you…I am Asian. Asian hair is not Caucasian hair. When you chop straight lines, you get straight lines. It does not bounce, it rarely waves, and unless you know how to cut Asian hair (which I have been to people who say they can and obviously cannot)…well then you will fail…miserably. Trust me. I know. I have been there. Dalida is an Asian hair cutting goddess!

I have done this asymmetrical look before, and I love it. Dalida loves the idea of having full reign, and I totally trust her. So with a snip her and a razor blade shaving sound there…and a couple of serious dough later…Voila!

Happy Monday everyone!

7 comments on “Someone chopped her hair off…

  1. Gorgeous Natalie :O) Shorter hair is nice. I have some hair issues myself, and know that the right hairdresser is key. I usually cut mine at Toni&Guy in Oslo, Norway. It´s a wonderful feeling to be pampered.

  2. Katelyn says:

    You look fabulous! Love it.

  3. camillagullits says:

    You look great – and you have beautifull hands!!

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