Today is a day for errands. For running around with my lovely sister.

I decided this weekend to paint my nails with the inspiration of the 4 fingers one colour and 1 another colour idea that I’ve seen all over Pinterest!

Here is me testing out that technique…. I have been told by my sister that
“You’re supposed to put a colour underneath the sparkle!!!” Hahaha lesson learned!

I used Deborah Lipmann’s “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”, and “Some Enchanted Evening” for the sparkle. Lovely nailpolish by the way…a great gift from the other Mama!

But here is a new bracelet from my sister, scored from Korea-town. And my lovely peace one from Etsy. I love them together!

Happy Monday!

2 comments on “Today…

  1. The Daily Fashionista says:

    I’ve been wanting to try this look! I can’t find the right color for underneath the sparkle polish

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