Goodbye desert life…hello city life!

Dress: H & M, Vest: Material Girl, Sandals: Dolce Vita (new!), Lipstick: NARS Heatwave, Nailpolish: OPI Dutch Tulips, Jewellery: H & M, Ann Taylor, Club Monaco.

Hello all!

So this trip has come to an end… sniff sniff. I could not be more unhappy to go home to much colder weather. I have tanned, stuffed my face, Zumba’d, and spent so much time with the family and my little Monkey. I seriously dislike flying. Why can’t we all just teleport? I mean it would be so much better…for everyone.

This time away has been busy but relaxing. And my other Mama said she is going to burn my passport, my dad asked me to stay for a month, and Monkey asked me to move here.

I really do like AZ, but man it takes like an hour to get anywhere, and it is getting darn hot. Don’t get me wrong I was tanning every day, and in the pool as well, but I crave humidity. I am not a reptile, I am not a desert frog, or a rattlesnake. I have always lived by water…and always intend to.

So I apologize desert peeps. As much as I love the weather temporarily, for it’s instant tan, and the lack of pouf in my hair…I could not and would not move here.

Anywho…back to real life, back to my lovely family and friends, the bf, and back to my little dogs…oh dogs!

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