Can’t remember the last time I was scolded…oh wait…that was today.

Dress: Aritzia, Belt: Polo Kids, Shoes: True Religion (one of my faves), Sunnies: Juicy Couture, Nailpolish: OPI Cajun Shrimp.

I am at the hands of a 8 year old. Most of the days recently consist of me being home solo, having already driven a monkey to school, the father is at work, and the other mama is still away. Being around an 8 year old, you get to have a fuzzy sense of the truth. This was the story…this morning, 7:30AM.

Me: Let’s take Chloe (our old-ish yellow lab) to school today, just for a treat, she loves car rides.

Little Monkey: Yayyyy! Ya let’s!  She loves treats!

Me: Are you sure we can take her out of the car, so I can walk you to your classroom?

Little Monkey (thinking about the right response to get what she wants, secretly (I think) knowing the rules: Of course, uh huh, Mama and I do it all the time.

Me (foolishly forgetting that…some people don’t like dogs/are allergic/are afraid. And totally remembering that I have seen multiple dogs out of cars, on school property previously): Ooh k, well then let’s make sure we bring the leash.

Well this is how it went down. Everyone at the school was oohing and ahhhing at Chloe Bear (parents, students and teachers included). Brought monkey to her class…nothing was said from her teachers…nothing from other teachers. Me, by this time, chatting away with other moms about the plans for the rest of the week….. and then…

Duh Dun…Duh Dun…Duh Dun… (Jaws theme song… in case you didn’t get it).

Spotted…Mrs. Secretary. On her way to scold me and Monkey about the fact that we can’t ever bring dogs, not on the property, not past the gate, not even out of the car! On top of that a (jerky) male authoritative figure also came to scold me…and hover as I say goodbye to my monkey. Excuse me Mr. Jerk…yes stop hovering…I am saying goodbye to my child. You know…that’s what parents do. Could you take 10 steps back and relax. Uh…Thanks!

Someone definitely spit in his cereal.

Anywho. That was my morning. Definitely learned my lesson…

Hahaha Happy Wednesday!

2 comments on “Can’t remember the last time I was scolded…oh wait…that was today.

  1. Yeah, I brought my dog too far into school property one day and got “the look”. It’s awful to get scolded when you’re an adult, isn’t it! Makes you feel 3 feet tall again. You’re looking cute though!

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