Hello from the Grand Canyon State!



That was me saying goodbye to my sister…she tackled me and forced me to hug her! And that was my outfit for the plane! I was pretty comfy and the flights were easy. Those are my new Old Navy Espadrilles- comfiest things ever…go get them now, they are awesome!

Jacket: Joe Fresh Kids, Tank: Space FB, Skirt: Old Navy, Flats: Joe Fresh, Hat: Target (just got it!), Sunnies: Joe Fresh, Belt: Joe Fresh, Jewellery: Etsy, Bloomingsales, Club Monaco, Tommy.

Well hello my dearies! The title of the post is what it says on the license plates…so I figured it was appropriate! It is 22 degrees here and bright sunshine (thank goodness!) I have yet to be outside tanning, although after this post I just might. Pretty windy today…but man this totally beats the rain/slush which was what I left back home!

My first day being a gymnastics mom…we got to sleep in a bit (thank goodness…since we went to bed at 11:40PM AZ time aka 2:40AM Toronto time). Monkey was wide awake at 7AM…loud and clear. I burnt the pancakes, scrambled to pack her a lunch (prosciutto, bagel chips, cheese, a cookie and strawberries…not too shabby), left a little note for the monkey in her lunch, rushing off to get to school definitely late, pulled up in the parking lot with blaring music as some teachers stare at me thinking…who is this crazy mom…oh wait…she’s not a mom she’s a minor as well!

Oh My Goodness, whew, that morning is over. Now onto lunch, outfit posts and some tanning. Then round 2 of gymnastics mom starts…thank godness there is only one kid/this is not my full time job…yet/ I only have to do this for a few days/I have the best step mom in the world— so guess who made me food so I don’t dare have to cook! Wahooooo

Just a few snapshots from my day at home with the dogs! Hope you are having a wonderful Monday!

2 comments on “Hello from the Grand Canyon State!

  1. breannesp says:

    Those Espadrilles from Old Navy are great! I’ve never looked at their shoes before… time to start, I guess – those are great!

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