Let’s be bold!

Bold colour jeans/pants are all around us! It is one current trend that I really don’t mind jumping on.  I have a pair of coral skinny pants, but I think I really need a pair of beautiful scarlet red skinny pants/jeans.

 Perfect for any occasion … dress up or dress down.


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4 comments on “Let’s be bold!

  1. Katelyn says:

    I just bought a pair of coral/pink denim pants last week and I’m struggling to style them. Did you post of pic of yours and I missed it? What’s your go-to pairing for a top and shoes?

    • N posted a pic about her green pants. Go to would be a Chambray shirt, white, black or even go bold and go with a bright purple and colour block it!

      Shoes go neutral is probably the best- so anything cream/black/white/tan etc., or if you are feeling daring, try a bright blue, or purple!

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