Whoa! Where did my weekend go, it went by so fast.  I set out to do all these things and at the last minute I dropped everything and just relaxed.    I really wanted to be productive, but I just did not have it in me.  For the past 2-3 weeks I have been so busy with my full time job, planning  my sisters wedding and doing all these other social things after work that  I was left drained.

I was also planning out getaway down south, but that has been cancleld due to that the boyfriend has to have knee surgery, oh well … c’est la vie!

I’m sorry I have been mia, but it was just way to hectic and something had to give., now I’m back and so happy to be doing what I actually really enjoy doing!

Weekend went well, relaxing … this morning I got up 9am made some very delicious blueberry pancakes and then after I went back to bed and read my book, couldn’t have asked for a better way to relax.

Saturday was filled with few errands but at night instead of turning the lights off for 1h for Earth Hour we decided stay in, keep the lights and all the technology off for rest of the evening.  It was just perfect.

I really didn’t take any pictures this week, but here are few pictures from Heath Ceramics that bighted up my day today.

These are sneak peek of what’s to come …  I just love this colour combo!

Hope you all had a nice weekend!!!


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