Leaving on a jet plane…

Blazer: Zara, Top: Ann Taylor, Jeans: Dish, Boots: Steve Madden, Clutch: Gigi New York via Graphic Image

Jewellery: J Crew, Ann Taylor.

Haha not this is not what I wore to the airport. Could you imagine. I would be exactly what those ladies look like- minus the airplane hair, minus the stretchy pants that I usually wear, minus the all in one updo.messy bun I normally rock, oh and minus looking like I just stepped off a plane with hundreds of people/haven’t eaten in hours/tired/in need of a touch up of makeup/definitely looking a tad bit sick of airplanes.

No this is not what I look like on a plane. This is what I looked like for a college event at my old school. M and I were there supporting the new design wing they put in…obviously after we had already been through 4 years each of school. They said…ooh those two are gone…UPGRADE!

p.s. that Orange all in one bag from GiGi. Amazing. Bought a black one for the sister for her birthday (yes it is in October).

The story was…

Me: So I bought your bday present early, because ya. I did, and I can hide it now, or give it to you now.

Her: Well can I use it for spring/summer?

Me: Yes

Her: Then I want it now! : )

Haha, hope you all are having a lovely weekend! See you on the other side!

6 comments on “Leaving on a jet plane…

  1. Cool and fashionable. A head turner get-up in or outside the plane. Fun post!

  2. Ally S. says:

    You’re right – that clutch is AMAZING!!

  3. ronyshapira says:

    love it, especially the color of the clutch, gorgeous!

  4. WithLoveShmon says:

    such a pretty outfit 🙂


  5. Thanks so much everyone- love the clutch. Will have to do a post of it in black too…eventually!

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