Easy peasy living…

This past weekend was a very lazy one. Friday night was date night, so we went to one of our fave pizza joints- Queen Margarita Pizza, ate way to much and then I watched “Say Yes To The Dress”, as the bf passed out! Honestly the next morning I swore I ate a whole cow. I was beyond stuffed, that place is too good. Thank god we live at least 30 minutes away or I’d be there at least once a week since their Nutella Mousse is worth dying for.

For the rest of the weekend, the bf and I spent most of our mornings in bed…snoozing. And then he studied and I watched tv/was blogging. Those are fun weekends, when you get to do almost nothing. Just quality time with the family, and those you love and then stuffing your faces over and over again. The bf thinks that I am really a championship eating competitor stuffed in a tiny little Asian girl’s body. I would go almost anywhere for good food. It’s sad.

Today is MONDAY! Sometimes I get days off. Days to go to appointments, to catch up on paperwork, to sleep in, and maybe even to shop. I love those days. The days when you move at your own pace and you get to choose what you do or don’t accomplish those days. Today is one of those days… and I am relishing in the feeling of just taking it one thing at a time!

Happy Monday!

2 comments on “Easy peasy living…

  1. I love those kinds of weekends!! in fact yesterday was rainy here and I stayed in bed watching tv and reading just about all day long and it was fabulous!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

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