We heart Friday’s and leopard and leather!

Leather Jacket: A Movable Feast (bought this one at Aritzia Boxing day sale) {similar here,} Leopard shirt, necklace: JCrew Outlet {similar here}, Jeans: Zara {similar here}, Shoes: Town Shoes {similar here}, Belt & Sunnies: Joe Fresh.

I am obsessed with animal prints. Only good ones- with great colour, spacing, sometimes texture etc. But obsessed none the less…I have shoes, definitely at least 2 print shirts (this one is my sisters), an iPhone case, and a bag. Ok so I didn’t go crazy…but I love the graphic print appeal, and black, white, tan and cream…what can go wrong with that colour palette?

Plus all this gorgeous sun actually shows that I do indeed have super duper dark brown hair- not totally black!

Plus plus bunny loves the sun and getting pictures taken. He by far is my best accessory….by far!

Awkward moment: A man at the grocery store- much older and from what I remember sporting an 80’s high fro hairstyle… said to me “Those colours look great on you!”. I smiled politely and said “Thanks” (ahhh weird man…but thanks).

YAY to taking pics solo with my tripod, and my cheat sheet of techniques via my photographer! Excuse the shots which are obviously where our recycling bins  and the neighbours’ are kept. If I had a better place where all my creepy creeper neighbours aren’t…I’d take them there. But I don’t.

Happy Friday!

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