Bring it on Mother Nature… I have my wellies on!

Well…as you all know I had purchased two wellies from Joules…which I totally love! So my sister (because I love her and she’s my sister!) bought me these fleece Hunter socks with the knit top! They are awesome! So I figured with the rain coming…because for some reason, the weather cannot make up it’s mind, I decided to bust them out for sure!

Hat: Talula, Striped top: Ann Taylor Loft, Vest: Old Navy, Belt: Joe Fresh, Leggings: Pink, Boots: Joules, Socks: Hunter, Lipstick: NARS Heatwave, Necklaces: Etsy & Club Monaco.

Bunny and I had a photo shoot today. Trying out a new camera lens I have/totally forgot about it/this is the lens that almost all the fashion bloggers I follow use/bear with me still as I am figuring things out (since my bf works full time- so he can’t take pics of me like everyone else- we don’t live together)

And I almost lost it on my camera trying to figure things out : ( !

Happy Tuesday!

8 comments on “Bring it on Mother Nature… I have my wellies on!

  1. breannesp says:

    With an outdoor music show in Austin on a super rainy day last weekend, I was thrilled that I got to break out my rain boots too! They make me so happy, AND I get to splash through puddles. 🙂

  2. Hahaha definitely. Although I do have a white dog…so unless I want him brown…bunny will not be splashing around with me!

  3. your dog is soo cute!!!
    Hunter boots are awesome huh? I’m thinking of switching over – right now I have jeffrey campbell rain boots and I really love themmm

  4. Katelyn says:

    Is your camera just on a tri-pod? I’m in the same boat with husband working more than full-time, so we never seem to find a minute to take pictures of outfits, etc. I’ve been thinking of investing in a tri-pod and then I’ll just need to find a good location to snap some pics.
    Great blog by the way. I’ve been following for a couple of weeks now and really enjoy it.

    • Thanks Katelyn! Yes I use one, and know that it is a great investment/purchase. Pick on light weight and not fancy. Taking pics inside it’s pretty easy, outside- focusing is much more difficult. I took my first pics today with using manual focus (SOOO hard!), but it worked out. Hopefully over time it’ll work out better : ).
      If you can get someone to help you- do it! My sister sometimes helps me.
      Thanks for the positive feedback- we do try to find/show interesting things. We really appreciate you following!
      xo N

  5. Katelyn says:

    Thank you! I think I may do a little shopping this weekend to look at options and I’ll also check out a remote clicker. I appreciate the tips!

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