DIY Series: Heart Elbow Patch!


So M and I love elbow patches…I don’t really know anyone who doesn’t think they are really cool and unique, and very equestrian/regal inspired. We found this DIY from one of our favourite blogger sites, who we have featured tons of their stuff before: Honestly WTF.

You’ll need:

  • a wool sweater
  • a 36 gauge felting needle
  • a piece of dense foam cut to size or needle mat
  • some wool roving
  • a 3″ heart cookie cutter
  • an iron

Ta da! How awesome does that look, and it appears to be super easy and straight forward!

You can see the entire thing here.


5 comments on “DIY Series: Heart Elbow Patch!

  1. jsleigh14 says:

    wow that looks great!!!

  2. I ‘heart’ this idea! So simple, yet so effective!

  3. stephaniegal says:

    That is super adorable – how cute would a little tiny one be on the pocket of a tee? Or, ooh, lots of hearts – like polka dots!

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