My weekend!

Coat & inside top: Banana Republic Outlet, Belt: Club Monaco, Pants: Old Navy (great purchase!), Shoes: Nine West, Bag: JCrew (one of my 3 I bought in October for $60), Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelet: JCrew, Ring: My mothers, Necklace: Custom from Etsy, Nailpolish: OPI Dutch Tulips, Lipstick: Sephora: Strawberry Delish

This weekend was spent at home. It was warm and sunny on Sunday 11.5+ degrees to be exact, as us Canadians, as soon as it hits the double digits, we freak out! We bust out the shorts, the tank tops, the short skirts and the flip flops. I swear I saw at least one person this weekend with at least one of those items on, if not more!

Even Abby was outside sunning herself!

And then Saturday night, as the bf had to study and my sister left me to do school work. I treated myself to a chick flick (The Rebound…not as sappy and entertaining as I’d hoped), in bed, while munching on coconut lime cheesecake and strawberries (My mama made for us!). Delish!

Zumba on Tuesday better kick my butt…because I have been one sleepy lady all weekend!

Happy Monday everyone!

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