My wonderful week away!

As you all know I took a short vacay to see the family in Park City, Utah! It was fantastic! We had a ton of fun lounging around, snowboarding, eating and just relaxing at the cabin by the fire. The trip consisted of me, my sister, the bf, my dad, step mom, and monkey sister Zoe, and our two dogs: Chloe (the lab) and Rosie (that mess of a dog…who is a crazy boy!), oh and a rat – Squeakers!

Hilarious Squatters Draft Beer- only in Utah would there be names like “Provo Girl”, “Polygamy Porter” and “Full Suspension”!

This is Archie!

Chloe Bear

Rosie Boy!

We got loads of snow, and some sunshine, but we had plenty of amazing food, wonderful snowy weather, plenty of wildlife, as we watched a heard of Caribou climbing up a hill and then 4 moose grazing on Parley’s Canyon!

We tried boarding this year again- as we are usually skiiers! The bf was a great instructor teaching us how to get our lean and edges on!

We love Utah, it is a place for outdoor adventures, and we live in a cute cabin within a mountain range, where the only sounds you hear are the sounds of being in the great outdoors, or us calling our dogs as they have gone exploring themselves!

Our other mama tries to get us to go to the gym with her, so we can exercise, but the sister and I feel like climbing up those stairs (since we are at 8000 ft. of elevation already) is just enough exercise for the day!

Our idea of another vacation from a vacation was heading to the gorgeous Montage Resort!

Hope you had a wonderful time this week with M, and that you are inspired to visit Utah if you ever can!

One comment on “My wonderful week away!

  1. How fun. Park City is amazing. Utah is such a pretty state, lived there 🙂

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