Weekend highlights!

Slow weekend … but filled with treasure hunting …
I want to share my current obsession or more like my pyrex obsession! For the last couple of months I have been going to vintage stores, flea markets, Goodwills, Thrift stores and such looking to score some beautiful vintage pyrex bowls, dishes or anything that will help me kick of my collection … I have been obsessed with creating a collection of my own for a while now.   I have couple of bowls that are not worth mentioning at this point.

Yesterday I was at a friends house for brunch and she pulled out her blue mixing bowl set to whip up some pancake batter and I have to say I was jealous, especially because her boyfriend got her those for her birthday … I think he is a keeper.

So I went out again in search of  a vintage pyrex … but came home empty handed.   I think for me it’s a thrill to go out and search for it instead of just surf the net and buy it off eBay or Etsy.

Here are few of my fave collections – sources are various (if you know please help identify).

What are your obsessions/collections?

xo m

ps; I am super excited for N to be out west playing in the snow!

One comment on “Weekend highlights!

  1. thatgirlwhit says:

    Your collection is AMAZING!!! i love the colors in the display, too! makes me want to go hunting for some treasures myself…

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