We heart Friday’s and vacation time!

This is where my sister is right now…Hawaii…after which she will be joining us….




In Park City, Utah! For all of you that don’t know I have family there, and it is lovely. It is scenic, it has the greatest snow on earth, there are plenty of relaxing or active things to do, and actually in this season of the Bachelor…they went there!

I will be on a vacation visiting the fams there, my sister is going to meet me and the bf there!

I am beyond excited to see my monkey little sister, and the bf is pumped- first time ever out west on fantastic snow! Me secretly hoping we get enough so he can actually shovel that deck off..guess who had to do it all last season (well for the time we were there! )

This is our cabin, last year at Christmas, our first time ever there…and it was awesome!

Cozy, no internet, no TV, just some serious family time!

So we can do things like this all day every day!

Hope you all keep M company…I may have to sneak off to Starbucks and steal their WiFi to catch up with ya’ll, but we’ll see. Some R & R is just what the doctor ordered, that and family time!

One comment on “We heart Friday’s and vacation time!

  1. nuresma says:

    I love that cabin!! And the dogs 🙂

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