Oh my goodness… you shouldn’t have!

Thank you JCrew for making my day…

Oh wait, I bought everything…a couple days ago. Hehe thank you to myself!

Shoes, Leopard Bag, Black Bag.

Round earrings, bracelet, Starfish earrings.

Shopping lesson from someone who has too many things….

1. Invest in good purses…I have a stockpile of things in my purse…they take a beating! JCrew is great for having their genuine leather bags on serious sales. I grabbed 3 last year for under $60 each! They were originally $200+!

2. Invest in good shoes… I do not want serious dinosaur feet (or at least that is what my sister and I call our grandma’s feet because they have been seriously abused over time! )

3. Clothing is where you can get creative in terms of price points- there are staples that I have: blazers, jeans, dresses etc. which are pricier but I can spend every season and get something new…this we know I do not have a problem with. But when you invest in versatile pieces, everything seems to last longer, items that were “trendy” last season are crucial to you this season etc.

4. Be thrifty. Gently used, or vintage items are awesome…always scour those stores, sometimes they are just too great of a deal to pass up. I once got a Louis Vuitton Bucket bag for $60, they retail for over $1500! Best thing, I knew it was real because it was totally worn in!

With all this said…there are emails that I get every day from stores telling me to shop…Kate Spade is one of them! Oh Kate, how I love your simple and classic style handbags!

Happy Thursday!

5 comments on “Oh my goodness… you shouldn’t have!

  1. lovesthat says:

    Love the shoes – gorgeous color!

  2. breannesp says:

    Those shoes look awesome with your polish! Also, I just got a Kate Spade bag for about half off from their online fire sale a few weeks ago – LOVE ❤

  3. i second your advice on handbags and shoes! and LOVE kate spade! i have a kate spade giveaway at my blog right now! $25 gift card: Go Bananas! Test Potassium! Win Kate Spade!.

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