Canadian winters…

Because we are super lucky to be Canadians, we had Family Day on Monday, so sorry for the lack of weekend/week reviews.



On another note though, I wanted to point out, we rarely get a chance to take our coats off in the winter. I am always taking pictures of my outfits inside…and I do try a little to look wintery cute. Here is my example of living in a cold climate and still getting to add my flare aka my hot red Joe Fresh pants which I wore almost all fall!


Hat: Talula, Top: Smart Set, Pants: Joe Fresh, Belt: Anthropologie, Socks: Kodiak, Booties: Winners (a total steal $20!), Nailpolish: OPI Give Me Moor, Watch: Michael Kors


Part of my weekend, I didn’t have enough for a total review, so I snapped maybe 100 pics of my 2 boys snoozing. Bunny LOVES the bf….it’s sort of pathetic because I feed him, and take him out, and play with him. Bah!


My photoshoot for Toronto Home Magazine! Yayyy! I can’t wait to see it! Mr. Bachelor’s condo seems so much more exciting now that we are going to print!


A really cool light I saw.

20120221-132756.jpgWeekend visit to my 3 lovely monkeys- Maya, Avery & Simone. We were laughing so hard at taking pics on their MacBook!

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

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