Oh to be me…


So my job has been quite fun…although January was slower than usual, all my clients are making progress on things. But being me, means a lot of running around, late night client meetings and fun trips with my girl Amanda to IKEA!


Making progress in a basement reno…


20120215-171550.jpgIf you saw this pic, then fast forward, Amanda and I were testing out the mattresses just opposite this area. Yes we were fully laying on them as a couple…pretending we lived there. : P Isn’t that what everyone does at IKEA!


Oh IKEA and how I love your ideas on making a small space store everything….and then some. Can I come design for you too?


Even a loveseat has a ton of space! Testing out that theory.


New art for Mr. Contemporary Bachelor!


2 comments on “Oh to be me…

  1. I love the last picture. Ikea is my favorite, I could spend wayyy too much time in there. I always have to give myself a time limit.

  2. Amanda H. says:

    That bed looks so cozy!

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