Sending love your way…



So I am pretty sure I had the best Valentine’s date ever. The bf is quite the mister, rocking his new lovely blazer, and we had a fantastic dinner at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen. Which I have in fact decided that I could possibly live there, for all the brunches, lunches and dinners I have shared with Ms. Mildred. We had the best server, the best dinner and the best time. The bf let me have 2 desserts (as he rolls his eyes about how wonderfully chubby I can be), and having a pre fixe menu actually saved us money…yes you all heard it. On Valentines day, Mildred’s had the option for us to save!

Amazing, the bf could not have been happier.

So if you are ever looking for me, I will be at Mildred’s behind those oh so amazing Lindt Chocolate ice cream profiteroles- don’t second guess it, it is definitely me!

Hope you all had a lovely night, inside or outside, with those you love.

xoxo n

3 comments on “Sending love your way…

  1. Joanna Lea says:

    so SWEET! you look lovely and “bf” is adorable! Glad you had a good time! 🙂

  2. nuresma says:

    You two look lovely!

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