Oh my goodness me!

So I was just about to make a funny post (or at least I thought that it was funny)…searching online for something funny…came across this hilarious video of Kristen Bell on Ellen via The Loveliest Little Things, of things that make me laugh.

I too am a huge suck… I am a sucker for cute little children/babies, and a huge sucker for puppies/dogs. To the point where I tell my bf whenever I see a funny dog: “Oh’s Dog!”, like I know them personally or they are my dogs. And when I see babies, I just get this huge smile. It is too funny…he laughs and thinks I am crazy.. the bf that is…but if I was never there and he saw a dog, I know secretly he’d say “Oh’s Dog!”

But for now I leave you with a wonderfully crazy lady…Kristen Bell. Who on this day, made me laugh so hard I cried!

Tears to my eyes!

xo n

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