Weekend review!

This past weekend I went to the IDS 2012 show in Toronto! It was neat, inspiring and I took a friend of mine, Kathryn, who wanted to learn about finishes because she is a real estate agent in Toronto and new to the business. We were definitely learning, and being inspired as we walked about the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for about 2 hours.

The front entrance was pretty cool, with long pieces of wool hanging down, and these interesting foil pillows that deflated and inflated with heat we think.

I thought these would be super cool for a cottage or something!

Love the abundance of patio furniture at the show…I was totally dreaming of having a cocktail beside a pool in one of these things! How awesome would that be!

One of my family member’s is a designer too: Croma Design Studio, and they always do a booth for GE…it was neat!

I think IKEA’s display is always one of my faves, very chic and modern. Loved it!

Then there was this indoor landscape box. Seriously cool!

More outdoor furniture!

Last two places, which we thought were super neat, and we were done! We were really glad we came early in the day, and left early…because we heard that non-trade day was madness!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

xo n

One comment on “Weekend review!

  1. nuresma says:

    Nice inspiration 🙂

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