DIY Series: Woven pendant light!

Last week we featured this amazing DIY Wall with woven strips of wood, and this week it is an awesome super easy DIY with a pendant light! You will be all wooden strips out! We found this on Poppytalk, who worked with Bookhou and we love what we see!

what you need:
-strips of wood veneer (you can also get 3/4 in. veneer at the hardware store that is for ironing on the edge of shelves – you can also use strips of paper)
-white glue
-large clips (or clothes pins) – I started with four and found I needed more as I went along
-HEMMA ikea light
-small piece of cardstock

5 comments on “DIY Series: Woven pendant light!

  1. I like a diy project that looks higher end, thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey thanks for checking out our blog. I love this! Very simple and yet so fashionable! And I love that there is variety to the materials that can be used…not just wood, or not just white!

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