Prep time for the weeeekkkkeeennnddd!

Black crewneck: Fenchurch, Gigham shirt: Joe Fresh, Necklaces: JCrew, Belt: Club Monaco, Pants: Zara, My sister’s awesome boots: Aldo, Lipstick: Nars Red Lizard (new fave), Nailpolish: OPI No Spain No Gain

Hello all!

This weekend is the Interior Design Show in Toronto: IDS12. I am heading over there today for Trade Day, and then all weekend long you lovelies can go and see the amazing stuff Toronto’s designers have to offer.

I will definitely be including this stuff in my weekend review, and looking forward to seeing any of our lovely follower’s critiques/favourites if any of you went! But I have a feeling that most of you are from all over the world…so no worries I will show you what I was inspired by!

 Have a wonderful weekend!

xo n

4 comments on “Prep time for the weeeekkkkeeennnddd!

  1. Pierotucci says:

    You’re right – the boots are awesome!

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