Oh alright…

So I looked through this blog the other day because she is a seriously talented photographer: Eliza J. and I actually found her from a design lady who is going to help me make some changes to our little blog: Jenna. I have decided to share these beautiful pics with all of you!

So don’t go telling me it’s weird that I totally made this post about 2 adorable little boys.

For starters I have no idea who they are except that I found this amazing photographer who was shooting their family here. Is it weird that I decided to post about 2 little monkeys? I sure hope not, because they are just too darn cute! Plus it is on another blog, a photography blog…and these peeps know their pics can be shared by all……..right?

Point made… not weird, as it is strictly based on beauty and art! Whew.

Too cute right? Love that they are wearing Chambray shirts, baggy pants, and Toms! Oh monkeys you melt my heart…totally how if I had boys, they’d dress, too cool for school!

xo n

One comment on “Oh alright…

  1. Amanda H. says:

    Beautiful photos, adorable subjects! That little one is just too cute.

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