Winter blues…and plaids!

Canadian winters suck. They are chilly, damp, cold, windy, snowy, slushy and just sometimes gross!

But that doesn’t mean I have to dress boring! This is what I wore for work one day (when it was pissing rain I might add). Oh and this is me taking pics with my new wireless remote for my camera….so much better. Picture me running back and forth trying to get the picture just right. Bah!

Jeans: Gap (wide leg for petites- just got these puppies!), Blazer: Joe Fresh, Belt: Cole Hann, Top: Victoria’s Secret, Lipstick: Sephora Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencil in Strawberry Delish (this stuff is amazing).

Hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday!

xo n

2 comments on “Winter blues…and plaids!

  1. nuresma says:

    I like this look!

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