Weekend/week review!

Hello my lovelies…

Well this week M has left me for a much needed vacay…in BC. I am here for all of you though..hehe she has probably amazing stories when she returns! But here is my review!


We attended a lovely wedding at Steamwhistle Brewery. Congrats lovelies!


And they had a photo booth! Here is 1 of three, we pasted the others in a guest book for them!

Like my fox fur? It kept me super warm.


Possible bar table for Mr. Contemporary Bachelor…too bad it was cracked! : (

20120122-185343.jpgBunny stretching his neck!

Got myself some new glasses like these lovely lady (but I am Asian…so I may look a little nerdier).

Found this pic on Pinterest she has seriously style!

Hope you had a lovely weekend! xo n


3 comments on “Weekend/week review!

  1. love the fur stole! and the outfit in the last picture is to die for! so cute!

  2. tokyohamster says:

    I was pining over the Pinterest picture of the girl in the glasses and tutu too! What a cute and cozy wedding!

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