Highlights of the week …

Last week was a blur … it feels like forever go!  On Tuesday I got a call from my boyfriend telling me to meet him at the hospital … see while playing volleyball he landed wrong on his left leg and now possibly has a torn ACL in his knee.  We do not know for sure if he has a torn ACL, he is going to see a specialist this coming Wednesday, we are hoping for the best.

With him being completely immobile, it was down to me to take care of all the errands, cooking, cleaning and making sure he is not in any pain.  It was a long, stressful week! Thankfully he is feeling much better and is able to walk around (with a cane).

My refuge was reading all the wonderful blogs out there.  Here are few things that I saw this past week … that made me go ‘wow’!

We all need alternatives to storage.  Love these baskets! Weekday Carnival

I absolutely love these!  You can buy them at Ladies and Gentlemen.  I first spotted them on Design Love Fest.

 How amazing are these?  They are by Cory Child, via Studio Home.

I have been huge fan of Saipua for months now!  Her flower arrangements are something I have never seen before.

Need I say more, in support of Movember.  Via Bodie and Fou

These are super cool! By Andrea Bricco … found her at Sweet Station.

Hope your week was better than mine! xo m

6 comments on “Highlights of the week …

  1. The Embellished Nest says:

    I’m so sorry about your boyfriend! Praying for you both!

  2. nuresma says:

    Hope he is getting better!

  3. I’m sorry to hear this, hope all will be ok. It must be. Take care and I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

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