Interior of the day… Waldhaus Cabin

I know we usually do our separate posts of  “If I could live in….” But I feel like the cabin in the woods/cottage in the forest had already been done. But this little wooden abode was too cute to pass up! Maybe it is all the cold weather we are having, or M and I are just too excited for snow/Christmas. We love the one with nature appeal it has. The simplistic design with the raw wood kitchen. You are definitely in the wilderness out there!

Here is another cabin that caught our eye!

We found this here.

6 comments on “Interior of the day… Waldhaus Cabin

  1. themangotreeblog says:

    love, love, love that little cabin! the perfect place for snuggling, reading and sharing hot chocolate!

  2. A Minimalist says:

    Wordless! Just amazing. I would move today!

  3. simona says:

    I think I could convince my husband to move back to Germany with me if we could live in a little Waldhaus like this. The only thing I would change is replacing the animal decoration with live animals… 🙂

  4. This is just so beautiful I want to live there

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