Too much fun in the sun!

This week has seriously been a blur… we have done so many things, had too much fun, and are super sad to leave!

This is what we have done so far: horseback riding, dune buggying, threw a Halloween party, paragliding (only the bf did that one), gone out for a wonderful dinner with just the fams, took sister monster to and from school, went to girl guides with the monster….and now today is the only day we got to sleep in!

This is where the bf jumped from/ ran off the “ramp” from.

Getting the sail/glider ready! 

Too pumped to go! He had a bit of a rocky start, but all is good and the bf had a fantastic flight and landing! Didn’t have any pics, because I was taking a video! 

We celebrated…decided to go eat after because we were starving at Modern Steak Restaurant in Fashion Square Mall.

Great food, amazing decor! Had to snap some pics! This is what I do afterall : P. 

 Dinner with the family at Zinc Bistro! Amaaaazzzzzing food!

My sister did my hair in pigtails… could you tell?!?

Today is a day at home with the sister monster (her belly wasn’t feeling too well), and then shopping with the step mom! Yayyyy! Girl time!

Bf is taking her mini golfing. Should be fun… she loves boys!

xo n

5 comments on “Too much fun in the sun!

  1. cutest restaurant ever!

  2. that first picture is just perfect ❤

  3. Amanda H. says:

    Looks like so much fun! Little sissy loves boys already?? hehe so cute… She’s gonna be a heartbreaker!!!

  4. nuresma says:

    The restaurant decor is amazing! Glad to see that you are having fun.

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