Let’s play house … I wish I could live here.

Who would say that behind this scrubby old exterior lay such beautiful interior?

I know that it might feel cold and dark, even gloomy … but sometimes that just works.  My favorite word when it comes to design is juxtaposition … and this is exactly what this house gives you, old traditional house built in the mind 1800’s with modern minimalist and industrial interior.

Via Skona Hem

Christine wanted to really have the whole upper floor white, but John stained one short wall black - a good idea, it turned out.  The black stove pipe blends into the room and have more character.

Sink in the bathroom, Johan shed and then have both the position and the mirror welded to the wall

The bathtub is made of Gotland limestone and measures 1.3 x 1.3 meters.  It fits the whole family at once!

4 comments on “Let’s play house … I wish I could live here.

  1. Nice, I love this house, especially the bathroom. 🙂

  2. drawandshoot says:

    Love this house also!

  3. […] via Nest Design Studio […]

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