Where to next …

One trip to Croatia is behind us … one is booked for winter (going to Big White, British Columbia) and trying to figure out where to go next, possibly as our honeymoon destination!!   Right now we are thinking Istanbul?
There is so much to do and see in this vibrant middle eastern city, I have been dreaming about it  my whole life.    My dad travelled there on few occasions, each time coming home with exotic gifts such as lanterns, rugs, wood carvings, jewelry, and copper pots.  His tales of this fast paced, crazy city situated on both the Asian and the European continent have mesmerized me my whole life and I can’t wait to experiences it myself!

Via a la mode.  Love this blog!

One comment on “Where to next …

  1. kalynor says:

    I have been to Istambul 3 times, and everytime its charm gets to me, a lovely, mystical, lively city….You should definetly go there!

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