The book launch!

One of my most amazing friends Alex just launched her book yesterday! For the event I decided to break out my new Calvin Klein animal print stilettos from my sister for my birthday : ), a new blue Mendocino dress, and a lion belt turned into a necklace- vintage and amazing!



So some friends… and me and the bf attended!

It is incredible to write a book…get published or even be the girl that she is!

I love her to death and we are all so proud of her!

20110927-151425.jpgYayyy Alex! Personally signed! 🙂


Amazing! Amazing. Much love my lovely lady, so happy we bonded and are great friends.

xoxo all the best… I know you’ll be incredible at anything you do!

xo n

7 comments on “The book launch!

  1. Amanda H. says:

    LOVE your outfit!! And congratulations Miss Orlando!!!

  2. typefashion says:

    That blue is looking awesome on you ! and i loved your necklace and make up too !


  3. Styln says:

    Great post! What a grand accomplishment for your friend. What a beautiful dress and those shoes are a perfect addition. You looked fabulous for the event and that vibrant blue makes you glow!

  4. that dress and shoes looks soo fab! ❤ it!


  5. LoveNiki says:

    Love your dress….so gorgeous!

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